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What is an authority website!

In four freaking fabulous months I have made –

* WA Blog Posts: 63

I very much enjoy writing blog posts on this platform. Definitely I would encourage you to also do the same. It is a great outlet for me to write about things that happen in life and how I can relate them to this business of ours (yours and mine). I’ve found it helps me to become a better writer and also, it’s taught me a crucial lesson in providing comments on other blog posts. The encouragement received through the comment section on my blog posts has made me only appreciate our community and inspired me to keep on writing.

* WA Referrals: 32 (This is proof that the Boot camp training works if you follow Kyle and company’s directions!)

* WA Premium Memberships: 4 (My airplane now says 96. Vegas isn’t in the cards for 2020, but I will get there in 2021! I have BIG dreams!) This means in her first four months Heidi has made over $100 dollars referring people to WA

* Found a business partner within this platform. Struck gold when I wasn’t even mining. Can you believe it? Miraculous things have happened since this partnership.




Heidi has four premium referrals to Wealthy affiliate in four months. That is just the start of her journey. Consequently, this means that she is already on her way to making a fulltime living online. She has created her own e-book and begun her own business as well as an aside. It just shows what you can do when you take action. You and anyone else can create their own future. You don’t have to keep working for someone else in a job you possibly hate!

So What Does Authority Website Mean?

An authority website is creating a proven business model. You may well be asking yourself the question, what is an authority site?

An authority website is a high-quality website that other people want to read and share the content. Your typical authority website isn’t a highbrow site, the writing style is real.

In the context, I’m talking about an authority website blog-style pages that engage, teach, educate, and connect with their website visitors. As you build this site, you are writing about a specific core topic, which is called a niche.

Narrative authority is a lot of things but most of all I believe it is about believability. It’s about the reader understanding that what they’re reading comes from genuine human experience. The style and approach are empathic, you understand the problems in the niche. Each reader has a problem and the writing style you are going to emulate reflects the fact that you understand the pain points of your readers.

This is why I think it’s a great idea to write your blog as a story or a journey because it allows people to connect with you.

Can I build An Authority Website

Even though I feel like an Impostor?

You recognize right from the start that you can only do your best!  It’s not necessary to know everything about everything to be an expert and an authority. You only have to know a little bit more than the average Joe on the street. It’s fine to talk about your journey and your struggles and your challenges even if you’re only just starting out.

That may seem counterintuitive but there are those people that are thinking of starting up and they need to take the baby steps that you’re taking now. They will be intimidated by reading blogs with 700 posts people know what they’re doing.

Accept that you know more than those people and you can talk to them from the heart because you still got the blood sweat and tears of your challenges fresh in your mind.

Being perfect is an illusion you just need to get started on two things as you go along. If you do something wrong you can always correct it. When you do nothing then you will have nothing – your dream of being financially independent will go unlived, at least by you!

It’s a proven fact  that with the support, help, encouragement and motivation from a tribe of like minded people you’re far more likely to succeed at anything you want to do. 

Everyone in Wealthy Affiliate has the same shared goal. They all want to either supplement their income or replace it with a full-time income online.

Everyone is committed and on the same path as you to win back their financial freedom.

This is a no spam community which means no noise and no tire kickers just wonderful people motivated to succeed who want to support their fellow tribe members.

And you can ask all your burning questions and you’re guaranteed an answer. I’m active in their daily and will help you succeed.

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