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Wealthy Affiliate success stories are an everyday occurrence. They can be found under their own category entitled success stories. Some of the most successful alumnae in Internet marketing history have been through the Wealthy Affiliate University training. Not only have they been generous enough to share their own success stories, but in many cases they have written extensive training courses as well.

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wealthy affilate success stories

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No special skills Necessary

No special skills are required! The training begins at the beginning the definition of how Internet marketing works shown in a linear fashion so that you can understand instantly

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what are you waiting for you can start today!

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You can genuinely start to build your own’s website without paying a penny (in fact, you don’t even have to give your credit card details)


There are thirteen different classrooms, these cover every aspect of online marketing.The Wealthy afiiliate community is a vibrant and acticve community with thousands of members willing to help you

The Ambassadors

There are twenty five ambassadors. Two of them are the sites owners, kyle and Carson. The other twenty three places do change. Thet are up for grabs for the twenty three most active succesful members.

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Can Anyone Make Money Online

Yes. All you need to do is take action. The training is laid out for you in simple linear steps. You need to be proactive take action to build your website and ask questions when you are stuck.


How do I know I can be a success story?

How did anyone who joined Wealthy Affiliate’s know they were going to become part of a Wealthy Affiliate success story?

They probably joined as a free member and saw the value within the site. They realized that they could earn more money by upgrading to a premium member. They just stuck it out and worked hard and created their financial freedom

You can do the same!

What does it take to be a Wealthy Affiliate success story?

I have watched and studied so successful people for 11 years as a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I have known many friends become super successful and observed hundreds of others. None of these successful people have any superpowers. They just stay focused and work at making money online until their successful. While they learn they asked the rest of the community when it is needed.

What does it take to be a success?

Nobody comes into Wealthy Affiliate either as a free member or as a premium member knowing everything about success. It doesn’t take a special mindset it simply takes focus mind to follow the lessons and ask questions

I have tried Internet Marketing before and failed??

So what? Thomas Edison realized that failing is an integral part of success. Every time you fail, you become one step nearer, to success. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again.

Is there are Any Support?

The members of wealthy affiliates who make up the community, offer 24-hour support, 365 days of the year support! In addition to this support there is also a technical team to help you with website creation.

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Direct Marketing Has never changed

Think about this for a second:
If I told you….
“Marketing wasn’t invented on the internet”.
“No Shit Sherlock” you’d shout.
Now that sounds obvious I know.
So hear me out…
Yet you’ve noticed, every guru claims unless you know the latest “internet marketing” gimmicks, fads and loopholes you will stay broke.
Now obviously, the gurus perpetrate this lie to sell you shiny new objects every week.
You know, sales funnels tools, Facebook bots, “guaranteed” rankings and traffic, video creator tools, push button garbage, and “insert newest fad here”.
Here’s why you can safely ignore all the guru gimmicks…
Because, understanding marketing is simply understanding human behaviour.
And basic human behaviour hasn’t changed since man first roamed the plains.
Which means, the fundamental marketing strategies haven’t changed for 100s of years.
Regardless of any new platform, social site, algorithms, traffic source or income source, the fundamental strategies can be applied.
Seriously, it’s known as “Direct Response Marketing” and it’s been written about in books for over 100 years.
Today, we are simply implementing “Direct Response Marketers” on the internet.
Seriously, get yourself a firm grasp on fundamental marketing strategies.
And regardless of which medium (internet, phone, post etc), platform, website, niche, or traffic source you use, results will follow.
So regardless of the changes that occur on the internet you’ll continue to get results whilst everyone else jumps from gimmick to gimmick with nothing to show for it.
Everything taught in Wealthy Affiliate’s is founded in centuries old fundamental marketing strategies based on human behaviour and psychology.
You can learn my 100 year old marketing strategies here
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